Art Spectrum Artists' Watercolour Sets

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Available in 10ml tubes(Series 1-4), Set of 12X10ml(Series 1)

 In accordance with proven traditional methods of production, all Art Spectrum Artists' Watercolours are stone milled to enhance the individual brilliance of each carefully selected pigment and to maximise its handling qualities. Art Spectrum watercolours have the distinct advantage of being composed only of lightfast pigments. Art Spectrum watercolours have a very high pigment content - no fillers are used - and thus give stronger tints and clean mixes.

Set of 12 Assorted(Series 1)

This set includes 12 tubes: Lemon Yellow, Spectrum Yellow, Spectrum Red, Spectrum Crimson, Spectrum Blue, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalo Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber and Ivory Black.

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  • Set of 12 Assorted(Series 1)

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