The unique Interactive formula of Atelier Interactive Artists' Acrylic Paint gives you more creative freedom than any other paint - offering the speed and simplicity of an acrylic paint with the option of more blending time when you need it.

Simply paint in your usual way for traditional fast drying acrylic painting techniques and if you want more time to blend, use a water sprayer to keep the paint open and workable for as long as you like; even dry paint can be reactivated with Unlocking Formula.

The added control and choices Atelier Interactive gives, makes acrylic painting easier and more enjoyable than ever. Atelier Interactive is a professional quality artists’ acrylic; it is very highly pigmented and lightfast with a smooth buttery consistency that dries to a beautiful matte/satin finish.

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  • 12 x 20ml Tube Set

    weight: 0.5 kg 1010 AI80250


    $23.04 $35.45 35% off
  • 7 x 80ml Tube Classic Set

    weight: 1.0 kg 1013 AI80300


    $59.80 $92.00 35% off
  • 7 x 80ml Tube Pastel Set

    weight: 1.0 kg 1007 AI80360


    $51.51 $79.25 35% off

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