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Product Information:

LUCA Art Resin is a crystal clear, high gloss epoxy resin perfect for Resin Castings and Artwork. Its advanced formulation ensures high heat resistance, so hot cups and plates leave no marks or traces up to 90°C. High UV resistance to protect your artwork and minimal bubbles when pouring, leaving a water clear, non-scratch and durable finish.

LUCA Art Resin is designed to minimize exotherm with no shrinkage, even on deeper pours making it a versatile casting and coating resin perfect for coasters or pouring and coating resin artwork.


If your room is below 1 5 ° preheat part A in a warm water bath before mixing with the hardener. Always pour on a perfectly flat and level surface to avoid pooling in the centre of your work. If working on canvas, ensure the canvas is tightened a s much a s possible. If you are using a mould, ensure this is flat so the resin can self-level evenly. if you are casting, pour the mixture with care, maintaining a slow flow of the liquid to fill gaps and minimize air entrapment.

The resin can be tinted with any colour pigment and has been tested for optimal use with our resin pigment powders, pastes, dyes, glitter and more. Visit our website for a huge range of shades!

Any bubbles created by hand mixing can be easily popped by using a sharp object or by-passing warm air over the surface of the resin with a blow torch or hot air dryer on slow speed settings. Work at a distance of approx. 10cm above your artwork, any closer than this and you risk creating ripples and dimples in the resin finish. If you use alcohol inks DO NOT use LUCA Art Resin flame to remove bubbles, as alcohol is flammable.
You will need to protect the piece from dust accumulation for at least 12-24 hours. You can do this by using a dustsheet or box to cover the piece.

Clean the cured surface of your artwork with a damp cloth. Always wear a respirator if sanding and polishing your work.

Ensure your working area remains at a consistent temperature and humidity whilst the
resin is curing.

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