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Removable set of Stretched Canvas + Floater Frame
Create your best art with acrylic or oil paints over the canvas after removing the stretched canvas out of the packaging, then place the art canvas into the floater frame for hanging.

Main features:  

  • Available in 12oz Canvas (43m thick Floater Frame)
  • Premium unbleached cotton canvas with a medium texture.   
  • triple primed with Artist grade acrylic gesso over foundation sealer.
  • hand-stretched over HD kiln-dried stretchers
  • unpainted & unvarnished natural pine floater frame
  • hanging accessories of screws & rings included
  • predrilled holes for screws at the back of the floater frames.

Attaching a canvas to a floater frame is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide:

**Materials You'll Need:**

- Canvas
- Floater Frame
- Screws (provided with the frame)
- Screwdriver
- Wall Mounting Hardware (if needed)


1. **Prepare Your Workspace:** Find a clean, well-lit area with enough space to work comfortably. Lay out your canvas and the floater frame.

2. **Position the Canvas:** Place your canvas face down on a soft, clean surface to avoid any scratches or damage.

3. **Align the Frame:** Position the floater frame over the canvas, ensuring it's centered and aligned as you desire.

4. **Secure the Canvas:** With the frame in place, carefully flip the canvas and the frame together.

5. **Attach the Frame:** Using the provided screws and a screwdriver, secure the canvas to the floater frame by inserting the screws through the frame and into the wooden stretcher bars of your canvas. Start at one corner and gradually work your way around, ensuring an even and snug fit.

6. **Check for Stability:** Once all screws are in place, double-check to make sure the canvas is securely attached to the floater frame. Ensure it's level and aligned as you desire.

7. **Mount or Display:** Your artwork is now securely framed within the floater frame. You can hang it directly on the wall using appropriate wall mounting hardware or display it on an easel, as per your preference.

That's it! You've successfully attached your canvas to the floater frame, and your artwork is ready to shine. Enjoy showcasing your beautiful creations!

*Please Note:
For freight safety, two or more pieces of the same or similar sizes must be purchased together.

Pick up from the warehouse does not include a freight charge.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aimee Gray
Won’t allow me to give 2 stars

Shockers. No reply. Ordered canvas 6/11/23 still hasn’t arrived 20/11/23. I sent them an email 7 days ago and they pretty much said not their problem contact aus post. Looks like they rig their feedback too.

Isla Dart
Excellent delivery

It is great to be able to rely on secure packing & prompt delivery. The quality of both frames and canvases are very good and suit my work. They not only look great but are also easy to put together. The frames are also easy to finish with both clear & dark varnishes. Overall I am a very happy customer.

Jude McBean
Good delivery but

Delivery was fast and on time however the frames are a lot heavier than envisaged - a bit clunky as they are overly deep
I am now working out how to finish them to make them appear lighter

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