A classic wood painting panel suitable for a variety of painting and drawing media and techniques. The stable and rigid surface is a great support for mounting prints, photographs, canvas or other mixed-media works.

These Wood Painting Panels feature a high quality 3mm sanded birch surface finished by a solid pine wood frame.  They are ideal for delicate media like egg tempera, encaustic, frescoes or traditional acrylic, oils, collage, pastels, charcoal, graphite or a combination of these. 

While a primer is not necessary for certain media applications, the panels can be sealed and primed with any suitable ground like acrylic gesso, traditional gesso and rabbit skin glue or any other primer and texture paste.

Panel painting is not a new painting practice, it is actually very old. Although used extensively in Greece, Egypt and Rome, as early as the 6th century, very few examples of ancient panel painting have survived. Wood has always been considered the normal support for icons of Byzantine art and later Orthodox traditions, which have the oldest panel paintings recorded, until canvas became a popular support medium in the 16th century. The two techniques more often used on wood in antiquity were Encaustic and Tempera.

Changed church practices (mainly the distribution of the congregation and priest on the same side of the altar) towards the 1200 caused a revival of panel painting. This new allocation of lithurgy within the church space, created an opportunity to display and hang icons or similar religious art behind the altar, ie: double-sided wing altar pieces like the Ghent Altarpiece by Jan van Eyck,1432.

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  • 1 Piece of 20cm Diameter

    40 EAHC20


    $10.11 $16.85 40% off
  • 5 Pieces of 20cm Diameter

    10000 EAHC20-5


    $50.58 $84.28 40% off
  • 1 Piece of 30cm Diameter

    46 EAHC30


    $16.41 $27.37 40% off
  • 5 Pieces of 30cm Diameter

    10000 EAHC30-5


    $82.08 $136.82 40% off
  • 1 Piece of 40cm Diameter

    16 EAHC40


    $25.50 $42.48 40% off
  • 5 Pieces of 40cm Diameter

    10000 EAHC40-5


    $127.47 $212.43 40% off
  • 1 Piece of 50cm Diameter

    15 EAHC50


    $45.47 $75.79 40% off
  • 5 Pieces of 50cm Diameter

    10000 EAHC50-5


    $227.37 $378.95 40% off
  • 1 Piece of 60cm Diameter

    17 EAHC60


    $49.76 $82.94 40% off
  • 5 Pieces of 60cm Diameter

    10000 EAHC60-5


    $248.82 $414.70 40% off
  • 1 Piece of 90cm Diameter

    21 EAHC90


    $115.83 $193.05 40% off
  • 5 Pieces of 90cm Diameter

    10000 EAHC90-5


    $579.15 $965.25 40% off

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Julie Raub
30 cm wooden round

The wooden round is nicely finished, well priced and I have just painted it for a client. The paint is drying nicely and I look forward to resining this piece.


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