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Matisse Structure Signature Set - Kerrie Lester 10x75ml

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Kerry Lester has been exhibiting her distinctive scenes of fleeting moments in everyday life, since the 1970’s. Overseas her works have been exhibited in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The Australian Embassy, Paris. Her distinctive oil paintings were included in the Sydney Biennale as well as being held in numerous public galleries and prestigious corporate and government collections. 
“My colour choice reflects the brilliant and unique light we have in Australia. Bright and uplifting the summer light produces vibrant and compelling colours which can turn an everyday scene into a thing of beauty. Exaggerating the colours and outlining them with sewn thread painted black venerates the natural palette of our quotidian landscape”. Kerrie Lester is represented by Australian Galleries in Melbourne and Sydney.

Kerrie Lester Signature Set

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