Luca/FILEX Art Portfolio Sleeves 0.2mm HD (Available in A1, A2, A3)


Refillable heavy duty polypropylene 0.2mm thick sleeves. Each protector has an 11 hole punched margin.  

Polypropylene is suitable for archival preservation and art presentation.  

Unlike PVC sleeves, which contain volatile plasticizers (softener) and emit damaging hydrochloric acid as it deteriorates.

Polypropylene is considered archival safe as it is chemically stable and as close to PH neutral as technically possible with plastic and does not contain any plasticizers. 

Other features & specification

  • Size: A1-620x860mm, A2-600x450mm, A3-425x328mm
  • 80gsm black paper included in each sleeve.
  • Universal style with multiple holes to be fit for many ring binders

Note: the thickness of most sleeves available range from 0.16mm, 0.18mm and 0.2mm, but we only supply heavy duty sleeves with 0.2mm thickness.

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  • A1 Sleeves 5 Pack

    weight: 1.0 kg 1055 PFA1S-5


    $45.00 $60.00 25% off
  • A1 Sleeves 10 Pack

    weight: 2.0 kg 1017 PFA1S-10


    $82.50 $110.00 25% off
  • A2 Sleeves 5 Pack

    weight: 0.4 kg 1078 PFA2S-5


    $20.62 $27.50 25% off
  • A2 Sleeves 10 Pack

    weight: 0.8 kg 1042 PFA2S-10


    $37.50 $50.00 25% off
  • A3 Sleeves 10 Pack

    weight: 0.4 kg 1023 PFA3S-10


    $22.50 $30.00 25% off

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