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The Derwent Studio pencils have the same colour strip as the Derwent Artists range but are a lot finer for more detailed work. The barrel is hexagonal rather than round for a really good grip when getting down to the most detailed bits!

This set Contains Zinc Yellow, Lemon Cadmium, Gold, Primrose Yellow, Straw Yellow, Deep Camium, Naples Yellow, Middle Chrome, Deep Chrome, Orange Chrome, Spectrum Orange, Scarlet Lake, Pale Vermilion, Deep Vermilion, Gernamium Lake, Flesh Pink, Pink Madder Lake, Rose Pink, Madder Carmine, Rose Madder Lake, Magenta, Imperial Purple, Red Violet Lake, Dark Violet, Light Violet, Blue Violet, Delft Blue, Ultramarine, Smalt Blue, Cobalt Blue, Spectrum Blue, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Prussian Blue, Indigo, Oriental Blue, Kingfisher Blie, Turquoise Blue, Turquoise Green, Jade Green, Juniper Green, Bottle Green, Water Green, Mineral Green, Emerald Green, Grass Green, May Green, Sap Green, Cedar Green, Olive Green, Bronze, Sepia, Burnt Umber, Vandyke Brown, Raw Umber, Brown Ochre, Raw Sienna, Golden Brown, Burnt Yellow Ochre, Copper Beech, Burnt Sienna, Venetian Red, Terracotta, Burnt Carmine, Chocolate, Ivory Black, Blue Grey, Gunmetal, French Grey, Silver Grey and Chinese White.


  • Also available in Tin Box of 36 
  • 72 highly pigmented colours.
  • Dry colour
  • 3.4mm core
  • Hexagonal 6.9mm barrel
  • Soft, fine and blendable colour strip for detailed drawing ideal for illustrators, designers and artists.
  • Hexagonal barrel allows a firm grip, with greater control on detailed artwork and is ideal for slanted work surfaces.
  • Barrel made from California incense cedarwood.
  • Slim 3.4mm diameter strip sharpens to a fine long-lasting point that will not crumble during use.
  • Finest pigments ensure maximum colour purity and lightfastness.

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  • Tin of 72

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