A complete natural product. It has been dug from the earth and is 100% Australian.

Non-toxic and general purpose clay, Suitable for all methods of forming and all standard glazes.

Throwing & hand building techniques, Great for all age groups of modellers.

It is ideal for making glazed ware and works best with stoneware glazes fired at stoneware temperature between 1060-1300 Degree C

Fires to a cream color(oxidation). Very plastic and workable - Ideal for throwing 10% shrinkage.

Please note a home oven can't reach the temperature this clay requires to turn into a hard form, home oven will just dry out the clay and break it.  

To use it at home, you can take the models you made to a firing service, usually at your local pottery art centre, there are more than you think.

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  • 2.5 Kg

    weight: 2.5 kg 10000 AA220-0.25


    $8.55 $9.00 5% off
  • 5 Kg

    weight: 5.0 kg 10000 AA220-0.5


    $15.30 $18.00 15% off
  • 10 Kg

    weight: 10.0 kg 10000 AA220


    $27.00 $36.00 25% off

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